Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012 and Hello new "Nanny" government laws in California

SB929 Child booster seat now covers child until their eighth birthday unless they are over 4 ft 9in tall. Previously only covers up their six years birthday unless they already weigh more than 60 pounds before that.

Shark Fins has been banned as a food item.

All medications containing dextromethorphan which include many cough medications now require a prescription from a doctor.

A weird one no caffeine in beer

Tanning bed treatment is now restricted to age 18+

Public school systems need to teach about transgender history and rights in their curriculum

There is quite a number of them.

There is a threatening one Brown signed that Internet retailers collect tax if they have presence in the state. Though isn't this already the case currently? Those with physical presence as in a brick and motar store in the state collects the taxes?

Though this is a lucky year for residents compared to some years as most of these are not as invasive with people's lives as it can get.

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