Saturday, January 25, 2014

False plastic bags, what many bag ban proponents call plastic bag pollution are not plastic bags at all. Plastic bags best tool in preventing garbage spill messes

Murillo/Norwood/Mt Pleasant road Intersection

Opposite corner

That might look like a plastic bag but

Its a piece of clothing

This may look like a plastic bag

But it is a piece of envelope wrapping

Garbage scattered on the street on Murillo Ave.

Plastic glad wrap are seen far more often than plastic grocery bags.

This is the only plastic retail bag in the group. Though it has successfully contained quite a bit of garbage which would otherwise had scattered about.

Loose garbage including pieces of plastic wrapping would utlimately end up in the bay. They could had easily been prevented from spreading about by a simple reused plastic shopping bag.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trashed quiet neighborhood suggest a trash truck spill issue in San Jose. The issue seems to disappear outside San Jose's borders. Product bans would not solve anything

An issue I find unique to within the official borders of San Jose and not other cities.

Even in where I live which is up the hill in a rather secluded neighborhood trash problems on the streets and in empty voids are still rampant.

garbage along the curb of Springbrook Ave between Murillo ave and Slopeview Drive. 
Close up view of garbage beside north curb at Springbrook Ave.  between Murillo Ave. and Slopeview Dr. 

Random piece of garbage in the middle of Springbrook Ave

pieces of garbage on Springbrook Ave across from Springbrook Ct. which is within 1000 ft of murillo Ave.

pieces of paper containers on Springbrook Ct. 

A random cup at the end of Springbrook Ave.

Murillo Ave north of Springbrook Ave. and south of Slopeview ave. abandoned table  beside sound wall. 

tissue paper within pile of trash. 

Murillo Ave between Springbrook Ave and Slopeview Piece of paper and a water bottle

First polystyrene container I seen in this journey

Newspaper bag, these litter the landscape but are not banned.

Food packing on the ground on Murillo Ave north of Slopeview Ave. 

two protective or bin liner type plastic bag I strongly believe it fell off garbage truck

Another bin liner type plastic bag

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This same kind of cup a noodle bowl has been found on the crest of slopeview as  well this definitely has  came from garage trucks