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San Jose's trash policies results in much more trashed city than neighboring cities? Such as Campbell? Bag Ban not the answer to reducing litter at all! Pictures from the streets/Los Gatos Creek between San Jose and Campbell proves it.

While San jose's border can be very weird and hard to define due to its aggressive annexation history its hard to know which parts of neighborhood is San Jose or Campbell or another bordering city. However one can tell by cleanness of streets, vacant areas, and creeks.

Fyi while Campbell has no bag ban as of December 2013 yet there is hardly any litter resembling plastic bags within Campbell city limits. According to visual images the amount of total litter is far less on the Campbell side of the border as compared to the San Jose side of the border which is often just a stones throw away. Litter that resemble plastic bags as well as everything else seems far more common on the San Jose side of the border than within Campbell, Santa Clara, Milpitas, or Los Gatos side of the border despite being practically in the same neighborhood.

San Jose's trash issues seem extreme in almost every neighborhood in every corner of the city within its official borders. The bag ban obviously had failed to reduce litter and might have actually increased it significantly. For some unknown reasons the piles of garbage seems to mysteriously disappear once outside the city's hard to define border. Freeways within San Jose's border also seems much more trashed than those outside San Jose's borders

Trash issues on San Jose portion of Los Gatos Creek Trail
San Jose under Bascom Ave

San Jose under Bascom Ave

San Jose Under Bascom Ave overpass

San Jose under Bascom Ave overpass,

Wide Angle view of Bascom Ave overpass note the cups.

Winchester Line light rail tracks near Bascom Station in San Jose paper trash around tracks

San Jose VTA Winchester line on Southwest Expressway between Bascom Ave. and Stokes Ave.
Garbage issues Campbell side majority are not on city of Campbell maintained property
Large plastics on the Highway 17 side of fence I guess its not maintained by city of Campbell. The garbage probably came from litterbugs and trash trucks trans-versing highway 17. While the litter is much more visible here than other parts of Campbell it still pales compared to the litter found in similar vacant areas near freeways within San Jose's borders.

Facing away from Highway 17 Campbell Ave seems trash free from these photos.

All the garbage appears confined on the Highway 17 side of the fence on the Campbell Ave underpass

This is the only place I ever found torn up plastic bags after all these years of searching. They appears all fenced  in  on Highway 17 property. Of course only a few confirmed to be grocery/retail bags the rest are misc bags or packaging mixed with other garbage. I bet its due to Caltrans neglect to clean up for a very long time. Most are not identifiable as from a grocer or retailer. Maybe from restaurants or garbage bin liners.I wonder is this what councilmember Michael Kotowski argued about back in last June.

More garbage fenced in.

Most these garbage are not plastic bags all on Highway 17 property which I guess not maintained by city of Campbell

However while the area within the fence seems littered the amount of litter by the freeway running through Campbell city limits is miniscule compared to the litter on the freeway within San Jose's city limits.
 The photos below are taken Sunday December 28 on Campbell side of Los Gatos Creek Trail, look for your self not a piece of litter visible in any of the following 24 pictures.
No trace of visible litter on this picture as well as Twenty five random pictures taken on Los Gatos Creek trail south of Campbell Ave./Campbell Park

only very light traces of garbage in this panorama of course non of which resemble plastic bags

The only object that kind of resembles plastic bag litter in Los Gatos Creek on the Campbell side I found though I am certain it is not grocery or store related it appears of a bin liner, a plastic container(milk jar), or plastic covering.

Footbridge before the San Thomas Expressway overcrossing on Los Gatos Creek.

Random pieces of garbage viewed from footbridge nearest San Thomas Expressway overcrossing. This is the spot with the most litter within the Campbell portion of Los Gatos Creek Trail.

The ledge side of the footbridge before San Thomas expressway. little pieces of garbage. Nothing resembles plastic bags.

Proof that this is part of Los Gatos Creek Trail

West side of Los Gatos Creek Trail in Campbell side

Vacant lot beside west side of Los Gatos Creek Trail.

As expected trash piles up on vacant lot however much less than comparable lots in San Jose

Trash accomulates on the side of vacant this is among the most trashed portioned I found in Campbell

Plastic trash bag. Again not covered by the ban.

This picture is taken in Campbell Park I wonder would these be banned as well. These are made of plastic.

Video of bike ride through Los Gatos Creek Trail in Campbell

The videos are available with annotations on
Trash on a private lot in Campbell actually in between two private lots owned by Home Depot and Staples
Trash beside fence between two retail lots. Stapes and Home Depot. None of these are retail plastic bags handed out by either stores. Bag ban not active in Campbell.

Pieces of litter mostly from takeout food and drinks non are plastic bags from retailers which San Jose had banned for two years.

Private office lot viewed from  Staples most are paper garbage. Should we ban tissue paper as well?
 San Jose side VTA Bascom Winchester Line light rail station

A large box in front of parking spot in light rail station.

In Conclusion it showed Campbell should be glad that they are not part of San Jose and not follow its misguided policies just like how the founding fathers of the city wanted.

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