Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Places that still respect individual choices aka freedom


Today's fascist Nanny state liberals are just completely out of control. With the help of the Internet and more advanced communications they are able to bribe almost every governmental organization ranging from countries to townships including Homeowners/apartment Associations or HOAs around the world to make frivolous legislation after legislation banning items or regulating individual lives. These legislation are often just knee jerk feel good measures only serve to clog up the legal system and distracts the attention of governments from more important matters and actually costs a lot of money which might explain what's with the spending and deficit. Also it makes everyone feel guilty just living their lives its getting increasingly difficult to near impossible to avoid violating a vaguely written statue or ordinance just living their everyday lives. Also it gives officers more opportunities for profiling. While California and New York are often known for being "Nanny States" these issues are not limited to there. In fact even New Hampshire despite having the motto of  live free or die is not immune from liberal fascism now they have forms of helmet laws and number of other laws pushed by activists.

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Based on my research  I have a list of places that still value individual choice. Which stands individual right to choose and be responsible for their own actions as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. Within the US I would be specific on both the locality and the state as in many states localities often have broad powers to limit activities of those within its limits that are not covered or even specifically permitted(legal) under state laws. Please note that I had not visited many of these cities therefore I can only provide information based on research. 

Plenty of issues regarding personal choice I cannot list them all but I will include the most common ones such as use of personal consumer fireworks, curfew, traffic, vehicle, and parking rules, personal animals and pets, children,
 State of Nebraska
Sovereign Immunity (Abolished)
Nebraska Neb. Rev. St. Const. art. V, §22: State may sue and be sued. [Establishes legislative authority.]
Neb. Rev. St. §§81-8,209 et seq.: State Tort Claims Act.
Neb. Rev. St. §81-8,219

Neb. Rev. St. §81-8,219

Neb. Rev. St. §81-8,2247
Additional resource http://www.mcandl.com/nebraska.html
Permitted Fireworks
All fireworks tested by the US government has been permitted in Nebraska since 2010
No helmet law for bicyclists let alone other non motorized activities
According to motorist.org Nebraska ranks #43 in likelihood to receive a traffic ticket.

Omaha nebraska,

fireworks-As of 2010 All consumer fireworks certified by the state of Nebraska can be sold and launched within the city within the week of Fourth of July. http://www.ci.omaha.ne.us/cityclerk/images/stories/38896%20Fireworks.pdf
Minors and children,
    curfew As of 2012 No youth curfew ordinance

State of South Dakota
No bicycle helmet laws state wide
Secondary seatbelt laws statewide
No cell phone driving or texting ban as of 2013
All federally approved consumer fireworks can be sold in the state the week surrounding Fourth of July and New Years.
Driving license age 14
According to motorists.org the state ranks 48 in the likelihood to receive traffic tickets.
No state rule on riding in back of pickups
Significant cities

North Sioux City, SD
Weak youth curfew ordinance
All US approved consumer fireworks permitted on the week of Fourth of July

Rapid City
No youth curfew

State of Missouri
Springfield, MO
No youth curfew

Places that respect individual freedom in California's San Francisco Bay Area:
The San Francisco Bay Area is a perfect example of liberal facism at work. Despite state law permitting certain types of fireworks by consumers many cities still levy fines on those who use them. The Bay Area would soon lead the state and nation in the concentration of shopping bag ordinances on bans and fees. Winter Spare the air day ordinances prohibits firewood/logs from being burned on bad air days. San Francisco bans happy meal toys, Soda and juice and even water bottles sold on city property, lemonade stands, foam takeout boxes, smoking is banned on non street city property such as plazas and parks even outdoors City personnel/employees are banned from traveling to Arizona for anything other than reasons authorized by the mayor.

Safe and Sane fireworks on Fourth of July permitted
Bag ban rejected in 2012

The city of Santa Clara
One of the few cities in the bay area without youth Curfew
Fireworks may be banned but weak penalties/enforcement fire marshal would only respond when public safety is threatened as public safety stands first, fine is $100 for first offense.
Unlike many other cities aroudn the bay Area including its neighbors to the east and west and around the state The city of Santa Clara outright stands firmly against any ordinance on bans and fees on shopping bags.
One of the few cities in the Bay Area without youth curfew ordinance
State authorized fireworks can be sold in stands across the city.

Alas the Alameda County handles waste management which has ultimate authority over issues regarding bag bans applies a single use bag ordinance in Dublin as Dublin as with all other fourteen cities in the county relies on the county for waste management. The city could have opted out however I guess what we don't know is that the county might levy stiff financial penalties of a city opted out which pressured all cities under the county's waste management to comply. Fortunately it only applies to large food selling supermarkets and exempts all other stores it is more similar to the state legislation in progress. Though the constitutionality of the ordinance is still controversial especially given the power of the county to set prices in a private store. If the paper bag fee were a tax it would had been required to go into public vote.

In conclusion I think that a good government focuses on the things that the majority of its population cares and not some big corporation either of government or private firm or loud mouths special interest group. My biggest pet peeve is that real issues that the population wants to handle is suppressed and even if they are listened to public inputs on ways to handle it are often ignored.