Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 would always remain mysterious

It is hard to believe it is the tenth anniversary of the fateful day of September 11. The day the WTC complex was completely leveled an unbelievable event that is pretty much impossible to comprehend killing thousands of people both WTC workers and firefighters who never was able to reach and fight the fire they headed for. There had never been a total collapse of a steel framed buildings as a result of fire yet on this fateful day three had collapsed totally straight onto its footprint. A scene that is only found at carefully planned demolition implosion sites which is the most often seen done to old hotels on the Las Vegas strip. In order for a building to fall symmetrical the charges had to be carefully placed and set off to break all supporting columns of the building at the same time. If things did not go as planned the building could end up not collapse or fall partially or worse endanger structures nearby.

Many people were lead by FEMA to believe that aviation fuel from the crosscountry fuel laden jumbo jets burned until the steel in the tresses holding the floors buckled and gave way resulting in pancaking. Though there are many doubts to this theory. Even FEMA itself contradicted to say that most of the jet fuel burned off in the fireball when the plane exploded into the building.  If the floors indeed pancaked the lower floors would cause resistence and would hinder the collapse and cause it to go wayward. Also the core is made of extremely strong concrete and steel enclosure so collapsing floors would not affect the core at all.  In order for the towers to collapse the way they do every column in the floors, the sides, and the reinforced center core would need to be snapped at the same time which is safe to say impossible naturally and requires careful and long term planning. The most perplexing thing is the 47 WTC 7 tower suffered the exact same fate even though it had not been flown in and blown by a aircraft. There was just pockets of fire on a few floors and cosmatic facade damage from tower debris far less damage than the wtc 4,5,6 buildings which were practically beneath the towers which suffered severe crush damage and fires as well as the 41 story deutsche bank building which stands very close to WTC 2 south tower and received a 20 story deep gash in its facade all these remained standing despite been pretty much torn open structurally.

There had been reports of explosions starting as early as 15 seconds before AA flight 11 hits the North Tower severely  injuring a basement worker though this story is often overlooked. The explosions repeated and continued before and after the towers collapsed and continued on until WTC 7 collapsed in the 5 in the afternoon. Right before either tower collapsed sparks appearing like welding or molten steel or thermite appearing to be dripped from the sides. That is when someone can be heard shouting the building is about to collapse. Jet fuel would never burn close to even half the temperature to melt steel in optimal conditions which can be only be reached inside a contained jet engine and not burning in a open floor plan. Symetrical explosions exactly like those heard during demolition implosions had been heard right before and during the collapse of both towers and wtc 7. Many vehicles and other objects on street level melted like if they had been in blast furnace common sense state falling debris would only crush but not melt the fire engines or other vehicles on street level. Molten steel similar to the ones dripping off the sides collected in the rubble pile and burned for nearly two months after 9/11.  Do you think these would be all coincidential or it indicates that the plan to destroy WTC complex had been in the books for a long time?


  1. JS - I am very impressed by this blog. I just read it for the first time. The evidence you presented are very controversial and perplexing to the reader. What has been the sources of your research?

    1. Various news sources such as CNN, ABC, FOX and BBC(Ironically it reported the building 7 collapse half an hour before it actually collapsed), NIST files which has a lot of holes,, NGC(Which clearly shows only the floors collapsing but leaving the core standing), and my common sense. Whats more disturbing is that the steel was shipped to China without getting a chance to be investigated forensically at all a strong military presense prevents any sort of investigation from going on. clearly shows the steel's journey to China.